Dr. Drancoli completed her clinical training at an APA accredited university in Los Angeles where she specialized in psychodynamic therapy and forensic psychology. She received her Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD) in 2012. Her passion for diversity and inclusion led to a focus on multicultural competence and the privilege of working with individuals from various communities in Los Angeles. She later received her clinical license in New York City at the Bleuler Psychotherapy Center.

Dr. Drancoli has been in private practice since 2013 where she delivers mental health services to expats around the globe, online or in person. She is also working as a law enforcement consultant and evaluates active duty US military personnel. She enjoys working with the media, contributing to current discussions on mental health via print and broadcasting agencies. Previous work settings include the California Emergency Outreach Bureau’s Psychiatric Mobile Response Team, the Compton Sheriff's Department and Sharper Future.​

Dr. Drancoli holds extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of sexual deviance, violence and extremism. Dr. Drancoli also sat on award show committees rating TV productions and advising on the accurate portrayal of mental health issues in the media.

As a member of the American Psychological Association's Division 39 she adheres to the APA code of ethics. Academic supervisors and personal mentors include: Dr. Ramani Durvasula (Los Angeles), Dr. Bruce Brodie (Los Angeles) and Dr. Stanley Rustin (NYC).

Areas of interest

include, but are not limited to:

Individual and Couple Psychotherapy

  • Acculturation and relocation
  • trauma
  • sexual behavior problems
  • sexual orientation
  • domestic violence
  • identity formation
  • existential questions (aging, loss and grief, illness)
  • depression and anxiety

Groups and Organizations

  • professional development
  • professional identity and roles
  • leadership
  • organizational culture and team dynamics
  • conflict at the group level supervision and consultation